Saturday, October 24, 2009

The progress report....

Hi everyone,

So far we have raised $150 from donations + my $520. So altogether we have $670. But even though we have only raised $150 from donations, allot of people are saying that they will donate and so will there parents, and a few of you guys are also doing fundraisers. So I expect that soon the money will come flooding in. Here are the two people that will stay in the house.

Exodus Mabanne age 30, is the first person I chose to put in the house. Exodus is apart of a group called SAWFA (South African Womans Football Association). He is the Secretary General of SAWFA. He represents over 300,000 girls! Yet he doesn't get paid a dime. He lives in the back of a persons yard, in Mamelodi and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a born-again Cristian and he loves God and knows all about the Bible. He deserves to get paid for what he does, but he doesn't. So giving him a house is the least we can do.

Jack Mosikidi age 26, is the second person I chose. Everyone I know including me, calls him Coach Jack. Coach Jack is an orphan, he was orphaned at age 4. He grew up in a place called the SOS Village, which is an orphanage in Mamelodi. He was 21 when he left the village. From Monday to Friday he coaches soccer. I happen to be one of his assistants. I am the main coach of the U11 soccer team. Coach Jack coaches soccer everyday to over 200 kids, arranges transportation for the kids, shares his food, and countless other things. And he gets no money for all the great work he does. He is such a nice man and he deserves better.

I will continue to update the blog daily, and I will continue to pray for more money to come in. Please donate, no amount is to big or to small! Thanks for your support. You can donate by typing in:


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