Saturday, November 28, 2009

USA update

November 28: Arrived in Ohio on the 26th. Met with Mr. & Mrs. Fossier, (which was so nice after hearing so many good things about them). Sold some $60 worth of candy for the home, and will sell more tomorrow.

I am sad and happy to be leaving South Africa. The sad: Leaving my friends, no free wifi, no dollar menu at McDonald's, and countless other things. The happy: Get to go back to Mameldodi and coach my soccer team. See my my brother, dad, jenks (my dog), coach Jack, Exodus, and allot more people.

Tomorrow I will upload a picture or two of Mr. & Mrs. Fossier, along with my friend Catherine, giving me the check. The day I left to the U.S I made a small support video(in like three hours at 2:00 in the morning) which I uploaded to YouTube. Just type "Josh's Christmas Home" on YouTube and it should be the second video shown.

Thanks for your support,

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