Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fire and shacks don't mix

Hi everyone,

A few days ago my dad and I were leaving Mamelodi and a fire started in a place called Pumolong, in Mamelodi. In Pumolong there are thousands upon thousands of shacks all packed tightly together. The fire broke out around the exterior of Pumolong and thank God no serious damage happened accept a few shacks that burnt down. It was so sad seeing the people rush to there shacks grabbing the little belongings they have and run, and the little children confused among the chaos. It made me realize why I am building the home, and makes me exited about the future homes coming.

We have been building the spaza and it will hopefully be open on Wednesday, and with the profits we make will go toward supporting the home along with our family. Please donate and help this dream come true.

God Bless,

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