Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have Good news and Bad news...

Hi everyone,

BAD NEWS: Today my parents phoned the American Embassy to make sure that I could use my naturalization certificate to fly to the US while using my South African passport. They said I can't do that and I need an American passport. So that means I have to make an appointment to get my passport so I can fly the the US. So my parents arranged a meeting on Friday to get my passport. Once I am approved I will get my passport in around 5-7 days, so my mom has changed our flight to November 17th.

GOOD NEWS: I have extra time to work on some fundraising ideas for the home. More time to make arrangements with schools/churches. More time to coach my soccer team (which I really enjoy). More time to update my blog with pictures and news. And more time to ask for donations from you guys!

So all and all it's not a complete loss. I just can't wait to come to the US and eat Krispy Cream donuts. And for the people in Oklahoma, my mom found this fundraising thing with Incredible Pizza. We buy $10 game cards from Incredible Pizza for $5 and we sell them for $10. So we make $5 per card we sell. And if we sell 1,000 cards that's $5,000! So even if we sell 500 cards, that's $2,500. So hopefully we will make some good money from that. And in Ohio, I think we will just sell those cd's of the music kids in Mameldoi. If you have an idea please post a comment, no idea is a bad idea.

"God Bless,

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  1. Hi Josh,

    Spoke with your mom today and we thought up some good fundraising ideas. Sorry about the trip delay, but you're right about having more time. It's always a good thing.

    Can you add an RSS feed to your blog? I'd love to have the feed on my home page.

    Take care.

    Love, Mrs. Pace