Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Memory of Natalie Fossier (1997-2007)

Hi everyone,

I have some amazing news. Last night at around 12:30 my dad woke me up. He said my friend Catherine called and left a message. So I listened to the message and heard Catherine saying that someone she knows wants to give a big donation. I was really exited (and tired) and called Catherine back right away. She mentioned that the person wants to make a $500 donation and they need to know who and what to write the check out! I was so exited, but I didn't know the answers they needed so I handed the phone over to my mom and she spoke with Catherine's mom.

Only then did I realize that the persons donating, were donating, in memory of their daughter, Natalie Fossier. I am so amazed at the generosity of the family to do such a kind thing. This morning I went on to Natalie's memorial website and read up about Natalie and what the memorial is about. It made me realize that an amazing girl has left this earth to heaven and how much she is missed. The Fossier's are donating to my cause because they know that their daughter would have been happy that they use the money for something to help other people in need, rather then herself. It means so much to me for what they are doing to help other people through their daughter's life. I encourage whoever's reading this to go to Natalie's Memorial website and read up about what a great thing the Fossier's are doing to help other people in need. And to thank Mr. Dave & Mrs. Melissa Fossier for their kind donation, it means so much and will make an life changing difference for the people in Mamelodi. The memorial address is (sorry it's not a link), I encourage anyone reading this to visit the website in memory of Natalie.

Now more with the home. Last night I received another call at 2:00AM from my friend, Ben, in Oklahoma. He told me he raised $50 from mowing lawn and raking leaves. So I'm really exited. But the main point of this blog was to remember Natalie Fossier, and her kind heart.

"God Bless,

P.S, Visit Natalie's Memorial at

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