Friday, November 13, 2009


Hi everyone,

Sorry for not updating the blog in a long time. I've been busy preparing for my trip to the US on the 17th (Tuesday). Also I have created a cause on facebook (with over 35 members), arranged fundraising meetings at schools, churches, and businesses (including Walmart). Made arrangements to purchase the land for the home and also found good builders to lay the foundation. And we received an $100 donation. So in total we have $1,775! Thats without any major fundraising. And I forgot to mention that I have been hard at work with the website for the home. It should be up and running on Saturday or Sunday, along with my email. The website and email will be, and, which makes it official. And I have decided that once a year we will build one home for some people God tells me needs it. So hopefully next years one will be much better.

God Bless,

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