Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 10:

A picture Julius took

Bigman, Julius, Sammy, Vuzi



Hi everyone,

Day 10 was on Friday. We had a big front-end loader come and dig dirt so we can level the land. Over this weekend I felt a heaviness over my heart. My dad and I were talking and we realized that it was Coach Jack. I, myself, decided to put Coach Jack into the home because I like him and he lives in a shack. I had never asked God if the house was meant for him and I still don't have an answer. My dad and I were talking an we have two options. The first option it to build three rooms for Coach Jack, Bigman, and Exodus. The second options is to stick with the two rooms and take Coach Jack out of the home and we will then build a house for him when the time comes. We don't know which option we will pick, but whatever option we do pick, we will do it because of the Lord. My dad and I are working on contacting the local media in Ohio and Oklahoma and we are hoping that it will turn out well. Please pray

God Bless,
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