Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 11:

Hi everyone,

Allot has happened in the last two days. On thursday my dad told me they ordered 10,000 bricks! He aslo told me even though we don't have enough money for the bricks he has complete faith that God will provide the money we need. And on Thursday night we got a call from bigman the the cement person is ready to pour the cement. So my dad and I drove there and met bigman, Keketsi, and the concrete person. He used one whole load and filled half of the foundation with concrete. Then after that we leveled the concrete. And on Friday the 10,000 bricks arrived and were unloaded.

I am still praying about who will stay in the house and for donations. If you donate $1 you donate 8 bricks. Please donate and change lives forever!

God Bless,

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