Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Since the USA

Hi everyone,

Not much has happened of recent. I went and saw the land for the home, and I love it, though it is allot of land so I might decide to put a "spazza" (like a mini shop) on the land. The money we raise from the spazza will help go toward running the home.

Of lately I realized that "I" chose to put Exodus and Coach Jack in the home. I know God put on my heart to build the home, but he never told me for whom, so I just decided for myself. I need to pray about who I will stay in the house before I make a mistake on putting them in. I feel strongly that Coach Jack should live in the home but I don't know if I need some one else in the home. Or maybe it's just for one person, there's so many questions that need answering.

My dad and I are hoping to go to C.S.I.R (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) to find out there new building techniques. And once we see them we will lay the foundation. We only need $1,770 to make our goal of $5,000 a reality. Please donate!

God Bless,

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