Monday, December 21, 2009

We're ready, but I need your help!

Big man and I
Our land for the home

Hi everyone,

Today my dad, Big man (the builder), and I went to our land to draw an idea of the house and to get some measurements. I am very pleased with how the house is going to look, but there's one problem. We have raised $3,230 and our total goal was $5,000. We are more than 3/5th's of the way there, but we don't have enough. I need your help. We need $1,770 to make my dream and the dream of others come true.

I am very exited to say that we will begin building on the 4th of January. There will be one bathroom with a shower, two bedrooms, living room, clothes line (outside), and a kitchen. But none of this will be possible without your help. All I want for Christmas is for this home to be built. Please tell your friends and family to donate and to tell their friends and family to donate also. Even if they just post a link on their Facebook about what I am doing, anything helps. We will be using a special type of building technique using polysterne blocks filled with concrete, hopefully it will save a lot time and money. But I am praying that God will provide the rest of the money so the dream that he gave me will come true. Please Donate!

God Bless,

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