Monday, January 4, 2010

We have started!

Measuring out the land to make it level
Using a pick-ax for the first time
Matthew, Jacques, Josh, Bigman, Julius, Frikkie

The truck with the foundation filling
Getting the building equipment

Hi everyone,

I am very happy to say that we have officially started building the home! We began our day at the building store, buying a tape measure, three shovels, level, and a handle for a pick-ax. Then we ordered cement, bricks, and filling for the foundation. Then Bigman, Julius (big man's assistant), my dad, brother, myself, and my two cousins (Frikkie and Jacques) went to our land to begin building. But before we started building the truck full of the foundation filling came and dropped it off. Then Bigman, Julius, and my dad worked on getting the house level by measuring, and my cousins and I dug out an old tree stump. But soon there after rain came and we had to stop building. Tomorrow we start building at 7:30 in the morning.

It felt so good to finally put the shovel in the ground and dig. We are still $1,430 short. I need YOUR help. This dream won't come true without the money. Please donate, pray, and tell others to donate.

God Bless,


  1. Just wanted to say that I'm proud of you Josh! Be encouraged brother! Service, and faith during service is hardly easy, but in the end, in the real end, the benefit will always be greater than the difficulty. You are blessing God. Praise God.

    -Paul C.

  2. How exciting!!! Your dream is becoming a reality. We are so, so proud of your big heart and your faithfulness.