Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2:

Hi everyone,

Today is day 2 of Josh's Christmas home building. Today we dug for around 5 hours straight so we can lay the foundation. Our load of 2,000 bricks and 20 bags of cement arrived at the land and we plan on using them tomorrow for the foundation. We also plan on having Coach Jack and Exodus help build the home so it makes them feel like its theirs and they will take care of it. Our two builders, Bigman and Julius (bigman's assistant) are a real blessing. They know our money is tight so they said we can pay R2,500 ($341) for the both of them to build the entire home! I feel the need that they should get paid more for their hard work but we don't have enough funding. Please donate to help support Bigman and Julius, who both live in shacks and to build the home! Please keep this dream alive!

God Bless,

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