Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4:

Finishing with the first of the five sides
Adding the bricks on top of the cement
Adding the cement
Mixing the cement with water and foundation filling
Opening the ready-mix cement

Hi everyone,

Day four has finished. Today we began to build up with the bricks. We have added bricks to two, of the 5 sides of the foundation. Tomorrow we hope to add three sides and finish the main foundation, and on Saturday we hope to level it so we can begin building! I have spoken with BigMan about my idea of staying with him for a few day, he loves it! He said he will pray very hard that people will be touched and donate. My dad also wants to get the Tulsa and Cincinnati press involved, seeing that it is a big thing for a white American boy to stay in a township. Please donate and pray!

God Bless,

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