Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5:

The 2nd side of the foundation (11 bricks heigh)

Bigman and I

Bigman and I at his "home", shack

The place I will be staying at for 4 days.

The back of his home

Hi everyone,

Today was day 5. We completed the 2nd side of the foundation. Building has stopped till Monday (they need a rest after working so hard). But even though building has stopped, I haven't. This weekend I will try to raise money and try to get the Tulsa and Cincinnati press involved. And on Sunday my dad and I will order around 1,000 bricks because we realized we don't have enough bricks for the foundation. I am beginning to worry about running out of money. We have some where around $1,500 left to spend on the home. I am even selling the last item I have, my cheap little iPod nano, to build the home.

I still don't have the exact date of when I will be staying with Bigman, but im hoping it will be sometime with in 2 weeks. But before I go and stay we need to get donations and the press involved so we can raise more money. And I am sorry if I keep on asking for donations and money, it's just that my heart is broken to see all these wonderful people staying in these tiny shacks and I feel so blessed with the little I have and I want to give back and help them. Since I have been in South Africa my life has been changed. I used to live in a big home and buy fancy clothes (not that there is anything wrong with that), but now that I am here I have no desire for material items. I see just how far $10 can help, and it makes me feel bad to know all the things I wasted my money buying and how it could of changed some ones life here. Please donate, no amount is to big or to small.

God Bless,

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